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    Grocery Baskets

    We aim to provide the most convenient shopping experience for our customers. That's why we have created convenient baskets of a selection of commonly bought grocery items, allowing our customers to fill their fridges and pantries with just a few clicks.

    Shop from local farmers from the comfort of your home

    In addition, we have also partnered with Northern Caribbean University and local farmers to provide you with the best quality in fresh produce, fruits and vegetables handpicked and delivered to your doorstepsEach basket contains an assortment of pre-selected items of which there are both required and optional options to choose from. Basket Packages are not only more convenient to our valued shoppers, but furthermore, are better in value when compared to adding individual items to your cart.

    Part of our mission is to support small farmers and vendors to sell their wares to a wider cross-section of the Jamaican marketplace and to do so competitively on price and delivery time.

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    Picture of Basic Appliances

    Basic Appliances

    Basic Appliances
    0,00 kr excl tax
    Picture of Basic Fruit Pack

    Basic Fruit Pack

    You are what you eat. Get your necessary nutrients directly from the source with a basket serving of fresh preselected fruits and vegetables. Serves 1 - 3 persons weekly. Basket includes: - Mango - Papaya - Banana - Pineapple - Grapes - Watermelon - Cantelope (Optional) - Otaheiti Apple (Optional) Some items in this basket are optional.
    24,00 kr excl tax
    Picture of Basic Mixed basket

    Basic Mixed basket

    A small basket mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. Basket contains: RIpe Banan - Oranges - Red American Apple - Cabbage - Carrots - Caballo - Tomatoes - Onions - Garlic - RIpe Plantain - Green Banana - Yellow Yam This basket also contains some optional items such as: Papaya - Otaheite Apple - Cucumber - Pak Choi - Escallion - Sweet Potato - Ackee.
    2,00 kr excl tax
    Green Banana (1 doz)

    Basic Mixed Produce Basket

    A small basket mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. Basket contains: Green Banana (1doz) Green Banana (1doz) Yellow Yam (3 lbs) Sweet Potato (3lbs) Irish Potato (2 lbs) Pumpkin (2 lbs) Mellon (3 lbs) Tomatoes (2 lbs) Escalion (1 lb) Onion (2 lbs) Cabbage (2 lbs) Callaloo ( 2 bundles) Carrots (2 lbs)
    2,00 kr excl tax
    Picture of Bitter Melon

    Bitter Melon

    26,00 kr excl tax
    Fruits in Basket


    A preselected basket of peculiar fruits and vegetables including eggplant, squash ND more.
    0,00 kr excl tax
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