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    Mixed Baskets

    Each basket contains a unique mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. 

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    Picture of Basic Mixed basket

    Basic Mixed basket

    A small basket mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. Basket contains: RIpe Banan - Oranges - Red American Apple - Cabbage - Carrots - Caballo - Tomatoes - Onions - Garlic - RIpe Plantain - Green Banana - Yellow Yam This basket also contains some optional items such as: Papaya - Otaheite Apple - Cucumber - Pak Choi - Escallion - Sweet Potato - Ackee.
    $0.27 excl tax
    Picture of Medium Mixed Basket

    Medium Mixed Basket

    An assortment of ground-provisions and fresh fruits and vegetables. Just determine the quantity of each item in this pack, add the basket to your cart and proceed to checkout. Good for a medium-size family 2 - 4. Basket contains: Yellow Yam - Pumpkin - Green Banana - Sweet Potato - Dried Coconut - Ripe Plantain - Carrots -Pak Coi - Cabbage - Cucumber - Watermelon - Papaya - Lime - Tomatoes - Yellow Onions - Escallion. Basket also contains optional items such as: Dasheen - Breadfruit - Ackee - Scotch Bonnet Pepper - Nutmeg - Sweet Sop - Jackfruit.
    $0.00 excl tax

    Medium Mixed Basket

    Basket contains a large mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions including: Cabbage - Carrots - Cho Cho - String Beans - Watermelon - Papaya- Pineapple - Sweet Potato - Onions - Escallion - Tomatoes . Optional :
    $0.00 excl tax
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